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Nirvana Tribute Band

Podium Gorcum Gorinchem Netherlands - Red Med

The Grunge is coming to Netherlands, again! Podium Gorcum Gorinchem 09.09.17

A Weekend with both music bands Red Medicin &


This is our first time we play at Podium Gorcum Gorinchem - Live Music Club and it was freaking amazing!

So we do come back in 2018, if you want or not! Did you ever had a chance to see Nirvana live? A tubed voice, scratchy guitar, a fuzzy bass and a rock drum are halling on the small stages of various cafes, Bar's and small festivals. Nirvana Tribute Band lives on – and also a part of Nirvana.

Ultimately, Nirvana had developed a whole genre by it´s own musical creativity.Now you have the opportunity to see the Nirvana tribute band live on stage at Saturday the 9th, September in 2017 at the Podium Gorcum Gorinchem - Live Music Club. A grunge rock event of the alternative and rebellious sound.There are about 3 – hours of grunge sound live & loud for you.We are so excited to play this live concert and to have a rough event in France!France we are coming ;-)

and the Grunge lives on ...Doors: Fee:

more details coming up soon!



Red Med - stay tuned... News: Bleib auf dem Laufenden! Aktuelles, weitere Gigs...

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